Chris Brown’s probation revoked in San Jose nightclub shooting

Singer Chris Brown attends a progress hearing at Los Angeles County Superior Court on Thursday in Los Angeles.
(Lucy Nicholson / Getty Images)

A judge revoked singer Chris Brown’s probation Thursday after learning that he had violated orders by leaving Los Angeles County and was present at a nightclub when people were shot.

The singer has already spent several months in jail for prior violations on his conviction for 2009 assault on then-girlfriend Rihanna.

Brown’s probation was revoked Thursday during a court appearance.

The shooting took place as Brown was performing at a San Jose nightclub Sunday. Brown stopped his performance to point out out that a fight had broken out. Gunfire could be heard. Five people were injured in the incident.


Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge James Brandlin, however, did not order Brown to be taken into custody and ordered a further report and hearing on the singer’s status.

Jane Robison, district attorney’s spokesman said Brown specifically violated a provision that forbids him to leave Los Angeles County. In addition, he still has 200 hours of community service to complete.

Brandlin ordered Brown released on his own recognizance and scheduled a hearing for March 20, when he will hear a full report from the probation department.

In the video from San Jose, a smiling Brown stops mid-performance to tell the crowd that a group was “getting down,” then at least three shots can be heard. Brown’s security quickly shields the singer and ushers him out, and a crowd of people watching Brown dive to the floor.

The scene inside the Fiesta nightclub then becomes chaotic and it appears that people are trying to figure out what has happened when three more shots are heard.

At that point, the video shows women and men running; some are screaming.

Responding officers found four victims with gunshot wounds inside the club about 1:20 a.m., according to the San Jose Police Department.

Those victims were taken to a local hospital, and a fifth person with a gunshot wound walked to the hospital, police said.


Brown, who was not injured in the incident, had made an appearance at the nightclub for a VIP birthday event.

On Thursday, San Jose suspended the nightclub’s entertainment permit for 60 days and the state’s Alcohol Beverage Control board suspended its alcohol license for the same time period. A concert scheduled for Friday has been canceled.

The Grammy-winning singer had previously had his probation and labor extended after being ejected from a rehab program because of internal rule violations, including allegedly making a threatening comment, failing to take a drug test and touching a female undergoing therapy.

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