City Beat: With the tourists out of town, let’s make a deal!

Why leave it to the tourists to win all the game-show grand prizes? The luxury trips to Aruba? The bedroom sets and patio furniture?

Now that summer is over and tourism is slow, it’s time for those who live in Los Angeles to shine.

“Let’s Make a Deal” films four days a week, two shows a day, in Hollywood. It always needs an audience.

Unlike “Jeopardy,” you don’t have to pass a test to play.


What you do need to do is be on -- enthusiastic, smiling, ready to jump up and down and dance.

Who knows? Host Wayne Brady may call you up to play. You might go home with a new car. Or you could end up getting zonked and winning a “Mac and cheese book pro” laptop made out of macaroni.

For my latest City Beat, I take you inside the world of the game-show contestant.

Keep reading for the story -- told in photos and video -- that I sent out on Twitter.



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