Toontown evacuated: Tourists react to Disneyland explosion

After a loud boom was heard in Disneyland Tuesday afternoon, people were evacuating Toontown after a report of an explosion that appeared to have involved dry ice, authorities said.

Sgt. Robert Dunn of the Anaheim Police Department told the Times the dry ice appeared to have been placed in a plastic bottle.

Police swarmed Disneyland on Tuesday evening as they were trying to determine the chain of events that led to the explosion of a dry ice “bomb” at Toontown, authorities said.


Here are some tweets aggregated via social media:

@oleeeeeevia Here’s a pic of the evacuation.…— Allen Wolf (@theallenwolf) May 29, 2013

Something went BOOM in Toontown at Disneyland and now they’re evacuating. #Disneyland…— Allen Wolf (@theallenwolf) May 29, 2013

@theallenwolf where did you hear that? My friends are there now and saw them closing up the gates and security swarming in— MeSoRandy (@MeSoRandy) May 29, 2013

@mesorandy It came from a trash can next to the trolley stop in the middle of Toontown. Everyone stopped and looked around when it happened.— Allen Wolf (@theallenwolf) May 29, 2013

@theallenwolf did you hear it was dry ice in a plastic bottle.Still not cool.Scary. My family just left there 45 min ago. :/— MeSoRandy (@MeSoRandy) May 29, 2013


Toontown evacuated after explosion at Disneyland, police say

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