Emmy Rossum is latest Hollywood notable to be burglarized; $150,000 in jewels snatched from safe

Emmy Rossum poses on the red carpet at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2015.
(Al Seib / Los Angeles Times)

Actress Emmy Rossum may play a character in one of TV’s most crooked families, but last week her Beverly Glen home was visited by some truly unsavory characters who broke in and made off with $150,000 in jewels from her safe.

Rossum, who appears in Showtime’s “Shameless,” is the latest victim in a wave of celebrity burglaries that have swept the San Fernando Valley.

The break-in at Rossum’s home was discovered by an employee and is believed to have occurred between Wednesday and Friday of last week. The burglars broke a rear patio window and turned off the alarm before finding a safe and opening it, according to law enforcement sources.


Tony Im, an LAPD spokesman, said the burglars got away with $150,000 in valuables.

Another source said the burglars searched the home and discovered a way to access the safe.

Rossum took to Twitter on Tuesday morning to thank the Los Angeles Police Department for its work without specifically saying she was the victim of a crime. “Thank you to the LAPD. I fully support the police efforts and dedication,” she wrote.

Recently, the homes of singer Alanis Morissette and Lakers star Nick Young were hit, with burglars removing valuables worth $2 million and $500,000, respectively. In both cases the valuables were contained in safes.

Other recent celebrity victims include Dodger Yasiel Puig, ex-Laker Derek Fisher, hip-hop artist Nicki Minaj and actress Jaime Pressly.


The break-ins are being investigated by the burglary section of the LAPD Commercial Crimes Division.

LAPD investigators do not believe the recent crimes are linked — unlike the criminal activities of the “Bling Ring” a decade ago. That group of young people used gossip magazines, online star maps and celebrities’ own social media accounts to target such personalities as socialite Paris Hilton and actors Orlando Bloom and Lindsay Lohan.

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