Firefighters finish yard work for man who collapsed while mowing


When a Corona man suddenly collapsed while mowing his lawn and had to be taken to a hospital, firefighters at the scene decided there was still more to do: Finish the work he started.

The Corona Fire Department posted a photograph on Facebook showing two of their own firefighters sweeping up grass clippings and wrapping up the yard work left unfinished when the man fell unconscious Wednesday.

The photo had garnered more than 2,200 likes on Facebook as of Friday, with hundreds leaving comments praising the firefighters.


It is unclear why the man fell unconscious, but fire officials said his condition has improved.

“We do that a lot. We look after our community — it’s pretty tightly knit,” Fire Department spokeswoman Lynn Mata told KTLA.

Apparently, they aren’t the only ones.

In Santa Barbara, firefighters were photographed completing yard work for a woman who tripped over shrubbery, injuring her leg and shoulder.

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