Mighty 20-pound French bulldog scares off three bears from Monrovia home

A 20-pound French bulldog may not be your idea of a guard dog. But Jules may make you reconsider.

Stature meant nothing to the fearless pooch when she confronted a trio of bears that came lumbering around her family’s Monrovia home.

Jules’ owner recently filmed her brush with the bears when they entered his property in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains.

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Video footage shows the tiny dog chasing after the bears as they scurry around the property on Highland Place. One of the frightened bears quickly hops over a fence after being confronted by the small, black dog.


“She wasn’t having it,” her owner, David Hernandez, told KCBS-TV. “You are not coming into her property.”

The petite pooch’s bark was furious and frightening enough to scare off the bears.

According to Hernandez, bears are frequent visitors. It has gotten so bad that Hernandez installed security cameras and had to cover his daughter’s window with wooden boards to prevent the bears from sliding it open and entering, he told KCBS-TV.

Only time will tell whether Jules’ courageous efforts frightened the bears off for good.

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