Today is a ‘good day’ thanks to fundraiser, Ice Cube, Goodyear


The message on the blimp may be different, but today is still a “good day.”

In 1993, Ice Cube rapped about a good day in South Los Angeles -- the Lakers beat the Supersonics, he had a solid breakfast and he saw his name on the Goodyear blimp.

To remind people “that good days do exist,” the Good Day Blimp project launched a social media campaign to persuade Goodyear to fly its aircraft just how the rapper imagined it -- with “Ice Cube’s a pimp” in lights -- Monday, on the anniversary of the fictional day.

The campaign aimed to raise and donate $25,000 to A Place Called Home, a South L.A. charity that works to provide at-risk youth with a secure, positive family environment, on the condition the company flies the blimp.


And Goodyear agreed -- though, with “it’s a good day” on the side of its blimp.

Ice Cube accepted the “Ride Along” -- the actor’s new movie with the same name opened Friday -- urging the company to participate during an appearance on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” last week.

“Goodyear, Goodyear, do this before we call you Bad Year,” he said. “Do it for the kids.”

The company typically receives thousands of requests each year from charities and is unable to accommodate them, but the “Good Day” proposal got their attention, according to a letter tweeted at the star.

“We want to make sure this group of kids has a ‘Good Day,’” the letter said.

Several students from A Place Called Home were invited to ride the blimp Monday with Ice Cube over Los Angeles. Photos posted to social media showed the star signing a giant check for the organization.

About a year ago, stand-up comedian Donovan Strain broke down the song lyrics and determined that “National Good Day Day” was Jan. 20, 1992. He felt inspired to listen to the song, which is “still the anthem for having a good day,” one morning when he woke up and “Space Jam,” his favorite movie, was on TV, he told Complex music.

“I was having such a good day, I was curious what day his good day was,” he said. “If he was having a good day, it had to be this day, because I was having such a good day.”

Strain started Googling on his iPhone -- while watching “Space Jam” upside down on his couch -- and using clues from the lyrics discovered the only possible day the song could be about: Jan. 20, 1992.


“It doesn’t make any sense at all, but it’s cool. It’s so cool,” Ice Cube told Jimmy Fallon.

The campaign had so far raised about $20,000 for the organization. Ice Cube told Fallon he would make sure the fundraiser went over the top.

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