#IfIWonPowerball: Turning $1.5 billion into a jackpot of good works

For many, the prospect of winning the record Powerball jackpot brings thoughts of fast cars, huge mansions and bling. But there is a counter-movement on social media involving the ways one could use the Powerball winnings for good.

The Powerball jackpot now stands at $1.5 billion in advance of Wednesday night's drawing. If nobody wins the grand prize this time, California Lottery spokesman Alex Traverso said the jackpot for the next drawing will probably reach $2 billion.

The hashtag #IfIWonPowerball, with prompting from "Tonight" show host Jimmy Fallon, has produced a variety of responses. Some would help the homeless, bring peace to war-torn regions, try to find a cure for cancer and other diseases. Others have talked about making some modest improvements in their lives before giving the rest to people in need.

Here is a sampling: