L.A. Now Live: L.A. schools chief John Deasy to stay until 2016

Join us at 9 a.m. when we talk with Times education reporter Howard Blume about the latest with L.A. schools chief John Deasy.

On Tuesday, L.A. Unified’s legal counsel announced Deasy will continue to lead the nation’s second-largest school district through June 2016, ending days of speculation about his future.

Deasy, 52, received a satisfactory evaluation from the L.A. Unified Board of Education during a nearly five-hour, closed-door meeting. Last week, he told some high-level district officials he would resign amid reports he was frustrated by a new school board majority that challenged his policies and philosophy.


Deasy remains even after a district source said he presented board President Richard Vladovic on Friday with a proposed settlement that included his resignation in February and a consulting contract worth $440,000.

Instead, L.A. Unified will retain stable leadership as it wrestles with major budget decisions, a shift to new academic standards and a $1-billion iPad project, among other challenges.

Vladovic said the board and Deasy are “moving forward” and would continue to be “focused on the children.”

In brief remarks, Deasy thanked the board for an “excellent and honest conversation on building the rapport to work together so that we can continue to lift youth out of poverty.”

But the outcome drew contrasting reactions from those who see Deasy as a courageous crusader willing to take on special interests on behalf of students and critics who view him as an arrogant autocrat wedded to an education agenda pushed by well-heeled business interests.