Judge orders mental exam for former child actor, TV voice of Charlie Brown

Peter Robbins, Charlie Brown

Former child actor Peter Robbins, once the TV voice of Charlie Brown, was ordered to undergo a mental exam after an outburst in court.


A judge Friday ordered a mental examination for a former child actor who unleashed a verbal tirade during a sentencing hearing.

Peter Robbins, 58, who provided the voice of Charlie Brown in several “Peanuts” animated television specials from 1965 to 1969, was set to be sentenced to jail for probation violations from his guilty plea to threatening an ex-girlfriend and her plastic surgeon.

But Robbins began yelling and cursing at Judge Robert O’Neil. He said he wanted to withdraw his guilty plea, using foul language to describe the judge.

O’Neil delayed sentencing and, at the request of Robbins’ attorney, ordered a mental exam for his client. Before being arrested, Robbins lived in Oceanside with his dog, Snoopy.


When he pleaded guilty in 2013, Robbins was spared jail but placed on five-years probation. His probation violations could lead to a sentence behind bars of more than three years. Robbins has served four months in jail after his probation was revoked.

Among his probation violations, prosecutors said, were drinking alcohol, failing to finish a domestic violence class and cutting off his GPS tracking anklet.

Robbins has managed real estate in Van Nuys, hosted a radio talk show in Palm Springs, and made an appearance at the 2008 Comic-Con convention in San Diego. As a youth, Robbins had appearances on several television shows, including “My Three Sons” and “Rawhide.”

A plastic surgeon had obtained a restraining order against Robbins, claiming Robbins threatened her because he was displeased with the breast augmentation the surgeon performed on Robbins’ girlfriend.



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