Surveillance video shows 3 gunmen killing Placentia man, police say

Police have released surveillance video that shows three gunmen confronting a Placentia man outside his home, just moments before they shot and killed him, authorities say.

Detectives hope that by releasing the video, the public can help identify the killers of Robert Rios, according to Sgt. Bryce Angel, a spokesman for the Placentia Police Department.

The shooting, which was fully recorded by surveillance camera, occurred about 11:40 p.m. on Jan. 19 in the 900 block of Vista Avenue, police say.

The portion of the video that authorities released shows two armed men storming through the front gates of Rios’ home.


When Rios walks out of his home, the men appear to argue or yell at Rios, Angel said.

Later, a third gunman, who wore a baseball cap and mask that partially covered his face, enters through the gate and runs toward the home.

Authorities say the gunmen shot Rios several times as the victim walked toward the gate.

“It definitely looks planned,” Angel said.

Rios’ death is the first homicide this year in Placentia, he said.

The sergeant said one of the men was carrying a firearm that resembled a Mac-10 or Mac-11 submachine gun.

“These are unusual weapons that we don’t see commonly on the streets,” Angel said.

Rios had several run-ins with police, and was involved in some gang activity when he was younger, according to the sergeant. But police said it is unclear what led to the killing.


Detectives are looking into whether the slaying is connected to the Mexican Mafia, he said.

“It just goes to show that these types of crimes can happen any time,” Angel said.

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