Valentine’s Day arrest didn’t stop this Casanova, police say

Jeffrey Elvington
Jeffrey Elvington, 39, of Saugus was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of grand theft and burglary. He was initially arrested Feb. 14.
(Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department)

A Santa Clarita man is using the allure of fancy job titles and elaborate personal stories to seduce women then steal from them, Los Angeles County sheriff’s officials say.

Authorities are seeking women who have come across Jeffrey Elvington, 39, of Saugus, who officials say has been using online dating sites for the last two years to deceive women into trusting him before he steals from them.

Elvington was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of grand theft and burglary after he allegedly stole and used a woman’s credit card. He was first arrested on Feb. 14 – Valentine’s Day – after at least one woman reported him to police.

Authorities say Elvington has represented himself as a chef for celebrities, a government worker and a member of the military’s special forces on a popular online dating website. He appears to be targeting women in and around Santa Clarita and his arrest in February apparently didn’t dissuade him, police said.


If you have had contact with Elvington under similar circumstances, authorities ask that you call the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station at (661) 255-1121.


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