Video of alleged Oxnard officer confrontation sparks probe

A YouTube video of what appears to be a confrontation between an Oxnard police officer and a bystander recording an arrest with a cellphone has sparked criticism from the public and an internal investigation.

The video recorded Nov. 13 shows Oxnard police officers investigating an incident at Eastwood Park, where one person allegedly had a loaded gun. The videographer asks the first officer if he has a problem with him recording the arrest, and the officer appears to not object.  

Then the videographer asks, “Hey officer, how are you doing?” as a second officer approaches. The second officer, wearing a black uniform, reaches back with his right arm and forms a fist before the video shakes and cuts off.

The video has been posted on several YouTube accounts and the Oxnard Police Department’s Facebook page.


“We appreciate this matter being brought to our attention. We view this posting as a formal complaint, and this morning we will begin a thorough investigation,” the agency announced Wednesday on its Facebook page.

The name and active duty status of the police officer involved in the confrontation has not been released, according to Miguel Lopez, community affairs manager for the Oxnard Police Department.

Lopez said the department was still trying to contact the videographer.

“Until we are able to do a thorough investigation, that’s when we can determine everything in relation to this incident, and any violation or wrongdoing,” Lopez said. 



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