‘Heartless’ mob attack by teenagers in San Francisco leaves man in coma


San Francisco police are looking for numerous people, mostly teenagers, who attacked a man in the South of Market district.

Authorities told local media that the assailants drove up in cars early Friday morning and beat the man and hit him with bottles. He was in a coma in critical condition.

“Glass bottles were used, but it was mostly punching and kicking that led to his brain injuries,” San Francisco Police spokesman Carlos Manfredi told KPIX-TV. “It’s just cold. It’s heartless. You know, we’re raised better than that. At the very least, call 911. Because he’s got severe head trauma from the blows to his head.”


The man, described by a 29-year-old from Hayward, was attacked in an industrial area near Harrison and Harriet streets that’s lined by auto shops and big parking lots.

The motive for the attack was unclear.


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