Online threats of violence against O.C. schools sparks fear, increased security

A series of online posts threatening violence against several Orange County schools has sparked fear on the campuses and prompted increased security.

Authorities are investigating a new threat Thursday against two of the four Orange County schools that were previously named this week in an online shooting threat allegedly made by a student who was arrested.

The new school-shooting post, which also was shared on social media, was traced back to Buena Park, and claimed the wrong person has been arrested in connection with the violence threatened at the four schools, according to the Anaheim Police Department.

The post said shootings would be carried out at Anaheim and Buena Park high schools Friday, which is when the original threat said the shootings would happen, but authorities said there is no credible threat.

Still, authorities vowed a stepped-up presence for the rest of the week at the four Orange County schools named in the original threat, despite the arrest of a student who said the post was only a joke. A 14-year-old freshman at Western High School was arrested Tuesday night for allegedly making the threat through an Instagram post, according to Kristina Hamm of the Anaheim Police Department.


The teen threatened to commit acts of violence through multiple school shootings at his school, Magnolia High School in Anaheim, Cypress High School and Buena Park High School, Hamm said.

Anaheim Police Sgt. Daron Wyatt said Wednesday the arrested student “was super remorseful, and he had no means to carry [the threat] out.”

The online threat contended that the shootings would be carried out Friday. Despite the student’s arrest, some parents said Wednesday they were still concerned about the safety of their children — particularly on Friday.


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