Supreme Court Justice Scalia dies at 79

Justice Scalia kept constitutional originalism in the conversation — no small legacy

Antonin Scalia's insisted on an originalist interpretation of the Constitution, making a big impression on the Supreme Court.

Scalia's last moments on a Texas ranch — quail hunting to being found in 'perfect repose'

When Texas millionaire John Poindexter invited Justice Antonin Scalia to his remote ranch near the Mexican border, it was for a private party with about 35 other guests, a weekend of hunting and sightseeing on his painstakingly restored and cultivated 30,000-acre spread.

Obama vows to fill vacancy on Supreme Court, setting up clash with Republicans

President Obama said he would make his third nomination to the Supreme Court to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia, and called for a ¿timely vote¿ in a Senate led by Republicans who have said the choice should be left for the next president.

Reactions to Antonin Scalia's death as Obama vows to nominate his successor

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, known for sharply worded dissents and caustic attacks on liberalism, has died. His death set off a near-instant debate over how and when to select his replacement, and certainly altered the tenor of the 2016 presidential campaign. President Obama made a statement late Thursday afternoon in which he offered his condolences and affirmed that he will be nominating someone to take Scalia's place on the bench. FULL OBITUARY: Antonin Scalia | 1936 - 2016

Scalia pushed the court to the right. Will Obama have the chance to push it back?

The unexpected death of Antonin Scalia ends the long and consequential career of a powerful, intellectually gifted, caustic, conservative thinker who influenced not only the Supreme Court but also the nation -- occasionally for good, more often for ill.

BFFs Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Antonin Scalia agree to disagree

Despite their opposing views on nearly everything the Supreme Court considers, the pair have forged an uncommon bond.