Shooting at UCLA

Two people died in a murder-suicide in an engineering building at UCLA on Wednesday, June 1, Los Angeles police said.

Quick action by professors kept UCLA gunman from escape and potentially shooting more people

Quick action by two professors limited scope of gunman's attack at UCLA.

Handgun, gas cans found inside UCLA gunman's car, police say

A car matching the description and licence plate of UCLA gunman Mainak Sarkar’s vehicle was found Friday in Culver City, authorities said.

UCLA shooter's slain wife had found happiness at medical school

A closer look at the other victim in the UCLA shooting. A Minnesota woman who was killed by UCLA gunman Mainak Sarkar was studying to become a doctor before her life “was cut short much too soon by her estranged husband,” according to the victim’s sister. w/PHOTOS Parvini in Minnesota/Knoll in LA Print length: 25-30

Estranged wife of UCLA shooter died of multiple gunshot wounds, coroner says

Search efforts continued Friday for a car driven by UCLA shooter Mainak Sarkar from Minnesota, where the dead body of a his estranged wife was found, to Los Angeles, where he killed a professor on campus.

'Where We Find Ourselves': Juan Felipe Herrera's poem on the shooting at UCLA

After the shootings at UCLA, US Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera composed this poem

UCLA gunman planned to kill two professors but could find only one, police say

Sources have identified the man who shot a UCLA professor dead Wednesday as Mainak Sarkar, a former Ph.D student who accused him of stealing his computer code and giving it to someone else.

An allegation of academic theft at heart of UCLA shooting

At the heart of the murder-suicide at UCLA is an allegation by a grad student that his professor stole computer code he wrote and gave it to another student. Friends of the professor, who was killed by the student Wednesday, claim the allegation is untrue and that student had become increasingly unhinged in recent weeks.

After day of fear, UCLA students grapple with resuming classes, feeling 'normal' again

As thousands of rattled UCLA students gathered their belongings — and bearings — after a terrifying morning of hiding in restrooms, texting loved ones and attempting to barricade classroom doors from a gunman, the thought of resuming business as usual has felt impossible.

​UCLA shooting updates: Woman who was married to UCLA shooter lived at Minnesota crime scene

What we know: Mainak Sarkar shot William S. Klug, his former professor, and then committed suicide in an engineering building at UCLA on Wednesday morning, Los Angeles police say. Sarkar, who came to UCLA armed with two pistols and extra ammunition, had accused Klug of stealing his computer code and giving it to someone else, the LAPD said. Sarkar, 38, lived in Minnesota and appears also to have killed a woman in a small town in that state. Police have not identified the woman found shot to death in Brooklyn Park, Minn., but Ashley Hasti, who married Sarkar in 2011, is listed as the resident of the home in which the body was found. Sarkar left a note at the UCLA shooting scene, which led police to his St. Paul, Minn. home, where they found a "kill list" bearing the Minnesota victim's name, along with Klug's and that of another UCLA professor, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said. Klug, 39, was a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering. The second UCLA professor on Sarkar's list has not been named. He is safe. UCLA classes -- except for those in engineering -- resumed Thursday.

Professor killed in UCLA murder-suicide was brilliant, kind and caring, colleagues say

Police are investigating a possible active shooter at UCLA.

Anxious parents watch and worry over UCLA shooting

The parents of UCLA students sat in anguish and tried to find their children as they watched news of the latest outburst of campus violence unfold.

Just a murder-suicide in a small UCLA office. And so America shrugs

A double-shooting at UCLA could have been worse - but it was still bad enough.

Garcetti 'heartbroken' and 'angered' after UCLA shooting

Violent crime is not common at UCLA

'It's crazy.' Student survived Isla Vista rampage, and now UCLA violence

'It's crazy.' Student lived through Isla Vista rampage, and now UCLA violence

News of UCLA shooting arrives as L.A. City Council discusses gun violence

Wednesday’s murder-suicide shooting at UCLA took place on the same day that the Los Angeles City Council was staging a ceremony commemorating National Gun Violence Awareness Day, according to officials.

How students coped during UCLA lockdown

The first email seemed routine. UCLA was going into lockdown. But then the second message arrived with a chilling detail: “Active shooter.” Students then found themselves hunkering down in classrooms, bathrooms and dorms, while fielding phone calls and text messages from frantic family members and friends. Many turned to social media. “For those concerned, I am safe on lockdown in a separate building on campus,” wrote one young man in a public Facebook post. A look at what it was like to be on lockdown. Print length: 30 inches

Classroom by classroom, police search for UCLA shooter

As police search for a suspect in a shooting at the UCLA campus, they are using a tried-and-true method that has been honed in numerous similar incidents.