Letters: Immigration reform not a priority issue

Re "Press ahead on immigration," Editorial, Feb. 5

A recent Pew Research Center poll found that only 41% of the American public believes that immigration reform is a top priority, ranking it far behind the more compelling issues of the economy, unemployment and defending the country from terrorism.


As American University historian Allan Lichtman observed, "Congress operates on fear and greed." On this issue, the Democrats are operating out of greed and the Republicans are operating out of fear — of losing the Latino vote.

Instead of pandering to the demands of interest groups, Congress should be attending to the issues deemed most important by the American people.

Jim Redhead

San Diego

I bet I'm not alone in being disturbed by the editorial asking Congress to "press ahead on immigration" when another article reports how California agriculture is collapsing because of drought.

Limited resources cannot support unlimited population growth. In his first term as governor, Jerry Brown famously said that less is more. Now he and other opinion leaders seem divorced from reality. I hope journalists and politicians accept that growth has limits before people starve.

Kenneth Pasternack

Santa Barbara