Here’s what happened in 2013, in one drawing

(Mario Zucca / Beutler Ink)

If you want to look back on 2013, then look no further than this one drawing that sums up the year in one take.

“Here’s to 2013" was drawn by freelance illustrator Mario Zucca for content marketing firm Beutler Ink. It depicts almost 90 events that Beutler Ink asked Zucca to document, from the Edward Snowden revelations to Miley Cyrus’ twerking to the failure of the website. (We can’t possibly describe everything that’s there, so take a look for yourself above. You can also see a bigger version here.)

So how did Zucca manage to get everything in there? A lot of planning. As Zucca explains on his blog, he put the events in categories and started figuring out where they would be placed in the Times Square-like setting of the drawing. He drew a map of where everything would go, then penciled in the details of the people and events.

He told the Los Angeles Times that, since he’s an “Arrested Development” fan, one of his favorite parts of his 2013 depiction is the show’s famed stair car featuring the characters Lucille Bluth and Tobias Funke on top.

Zucca even managed to work himself into the drawing. “A little self-portrait,” he calls it. A Pittsburgh Pirates fan, he’s near the bottom right-hand corner as the cameraman in a Pirates T-shirt taking photos at the Red Sox (2013 World Series champs) photo booth.


"[The Pirates] were terrible for years and years, and they finally broke with a winning season,” he said. “So I thought I’d get my little Pirates shout out in there.”

Zucca said he’s been “blown away” by the attention the drawing is getting, and he’s already looking ahead to the end of 2014.

“I think based on the response this has gotten, it will definitely have to become a yearly thing,” he said.

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