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Artist makes real life look like your Instagram feed

Real Life Instagram
One of artist Bruno Ribeiro’s “Real Life Instagram” installations in London.
(Bruno Ribeiro)

If you’ve ever walked down the street, spotted a photo opportunity and thought, “I wonder what that would look like on Instagram,” artist Bruno Ribeiro might be able to help you.

He created cardboard frames that have all the makings of an Instagram post: the screen name, the like and comment buttons, the location tag, the hashtags and, of course, the filter -- made of colored cellophane. Then, he posted them in London and Manchester, England, making the objects behind them look like a filtered Instagram photo.

The results can be seen on “Real Life Instagram,” the Tumblr he created for the project, where there are also pictures of people stopping and taking pictures of Ribeiro’s Instagram-like frames.

“The first Instagram boards that I took, I stayed a while just to see people’s reaction,” he said. “And then whenever something different or something interesting happened, I was taking pictures.”


Ribeiro said part of his inspiration was just to “make people smile,” but he also was playing on the idea that our digital and actual lives are so intertwined these days.

“Five years ago, it was clear that you were offline or you were online,” he said. “But nowadays it’s hard to do that.”

Since launching the project, he’s gained hundreds of followers on his own Instagram page, which features some pictures of his project. 

“I got very, very surprised by how far this project went on the Internet,” he said. “My mom was so happy.”