Instagram’s most liked butt? N.Y.C. woman is hot new name in fitness


You might not know Jen Selter by name. But if you are an avid user of Instagram, you might know her butt.

The New York City woman is being called the Next New Thing in fitness, hailed by some as “the next Jillian Michaels,” after she amassed a social media following of more than 2 million on Instagram. One thing that’s helping to grow that social media following?


That stands for “butt selfies.” Or “body selfies” -- take your pick.

Now, #belfies abound on social media. But Selter, 20, has mastered the art of posting #belfies that say fitness but mean sexy.


She stands out -- literally -- because often she is showing off her butt in weird and wacky ways. Like straddling a hallway, as above. Or straddling a hot tub. Or a subway station entrance. The list goes on and on. (That photo above, BTW, got 99,000 likes on Instagram.)

All the media attention led the Legacy Agency -- a talent agency with a special focus on athletics and fitness -- to recently sign Selter.

Andrew Witlieb, one of the principals at the Legacy Agency, told the Los Angeles Times that Selter’s career is limitless, and underscores just how much social media has changed the playing field.

“She is incredible,” he said. “She is going to have a heck of a career.”

Like what? Product endorsements, equipment, apparel, fitness beverages, DVDs... “And TV,” he predicted.

He added: “She’s really taken two of the hottest things -- health and fitness -- and combined them with social media. She is going to be huge. She is incredibly dedicated to her craft, and that’s fitness. And she really understands social media. It’s a really unique combination.”

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