Jennifer Lawrence upstaged: ‘Hunger Games’ remade with cats [Video]


Jennifer Lawrence, you’ve got some competition. And it’s awfully cute and furry.

The “Hunger Games” has been remade with cats(!) in the starring roles. (No surprise, really, given that the heroine of this trilogy is named Katniss Everdeen.)

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That’s pretty much all the explanation you need to enjoy this video by the Pet Collective, which modestly bills itself as the “the best destination on the Internet for pet lovers.” Not that we can argue.


Fans of the trilogy by Suzanne Collins will enjoy the sly little references to the movie version of the first book, “The Hunger Games,” starring Lawrence, and the way the cats seem to actually emote their lines. (IMHO, the best example comes at around 22 seconds in, when Katniss is told she needs to “make an impression.”)

And then there are the lines that only a cat could deliver: “Ow! My leg! My other leg! My other, other leg!”

Between this video, news about Lawrence’s short new ‘do, and talk of a “Hunger Games” theme park... hopefully it will all be enough to hold you over until “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” is released on Nov. 22.

Hurry up and get here already, Nov. 22!

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