First Lady Michelle Obama bullied? Why she won’t wear shorts

First Lady Michelle Obama wears shorts as she disembarks from Air Force One while on a family vacation.
First Lady Michelle Obama wears shorts as she disembarks from Air Force One while on a family vacation.
(Dana Felthauser / Associated Press )

First Lady Michelle Obama isn’t likely to be photographed in shorts anytime soon. At least not while exiting Air Force One.

The first lady offered a glimpse into what life is like when you’re the wife of the leader of the free world, and said the world is verbally bullying you from afar, even down to sniping about the clothes you choose to wear while on vacation on a sweltering hot summer’s day.

Michelle Obama was a guest on BET’s “106 and Park” and she recalled her shock at the public’s shock that she dared to wear shorts while visiting the Grand Canyon in August 2009, one of the region’s hottest summers on record. (As seen above, she stepped off Air Force One wearing gray shorts that hit just above mid-thigh.)


PHOTOS: First Lady Michelle Obama: Fashion icon“Sometimes I forget I am the first lady, and I’m like running around in shorts,” she said while recalling that moment: “I know the first time we went on a family vacation, I had shorts on getting off of Air Force One and that created a huge stink because people were like ‘She’s wearing shorts getting off of Air Force One!’ and I thought, ‘We’re on vacation.’”

The inference? It just wasn’t appropriate.

The first lady said it was her most regrettable fashion moment, quite a statement for a woman known as one of fashion’s reigning icons.

What do you think? Does the first lady have a right to wear what she wants, especially on a hot summer’s day while on vacation? Or does she have an obligation to a higher sense of decorum, one that says it would be better to cover up more, and dress more appropriately, especially when exiting AIr Force One?


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