Watch First Lady Michelle Obama horse around with the Miami Heat

Looks like the Miami Heat are the latest recruits in First Lady Michelle Obama's bid to get the country moving more and making healthier food choices.

The first lady is seen video bombing Dwyane Wade, Ray Allen and the championship team's coach, Erik Spoelstra, during a White House "interview." Wade says he eats plenty of fruits and vegetables every day so he can perform at the top of his game, and Allen says drinking plenty of water for proper hydration is a key part of his game prep.


"You can take it from me," Wade says, "eating the right foods can help make you a better athlete."

It culminates with a slam dunk assist from LeBron James. Prefer gifs? Here you go.

It's all part of the First Lady's campaign aimed at encouraging all Americans -- and especially children -- to put down the junk food and pick up a basketball or a hula hoop, or just go for a walk.

Some have been critical of such federal initiatives, arguing, among other things, that the federal government has no business telling Americans what they should eat or feed their children. And some have even been critical of Michelle Obama's weight (looking at you, Rush Limbaugh!).

But a new report out this months suggests that there are at least some signs that federal initiatives might be working to help the nation reverse its ever-expanding waistline.

Admittedly, this is a report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Economic Research Service. But its survey found that more Americans are increasingly looking for way to ditch the junk in their diet and are consulting food labels at the supermarket.

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