33 weird college facts: Harvard impersonator, USC bashing, more

A new video from Mental Floss is gaining ground on YouTube with weird trivia about colleges including: USC is “much cooler on TV.” What?!

Here’s a tidbit that’s truly interesting: Rotblatt. That’s the name of the softball game at Carleton College in Northfield, Minn., in which one inning is played for each year of the university’s existence. Carleton was founded in 1866, so in 2013, they played 147 innings. As the college website says, the game begins at sunrise and “it is Rotblatt tradition for players to both bat and field with a beverage of their choice in one hand.”

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The word “campus” originated at what is now Princeton.


And did you know Harvard’s statue of John Harvard isn’t actually of John Harvard? No one knew what he looked like, so student Sherman Hoar modeled for the statue.

Check out the video for 29 more nuggets, including hauntings, the city where fire trucks carry the university colors, a loose python and the school where hockey fans throw fish on the ice.

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