Watch Obama and Biden jog at the White House — in work shoes, ties!

The White House has released a new video showing President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden jogging around the White House, still in their work attire -- a button-down shirt, tie, suit pants and dress shoes.

The things the leader of the free world has to do to keep the wife happy ....

The video was released Friday in support of First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” campaign, aimed at reversing the nation’s obesity problem. The first lady asked people to share their experiences in healthy eating and exercise on social media.

“And she promised that if enough people participated, the president and vice president would show us their moves. Here they are,” the White House announcement says.


The video opens with the president in the Oval Office, doing paperwork. In strolls Biden, who says: “Mr. President, are you ready to move?”

“Absolutely,” the president responds, “Let’s do this thing. Let’s move.”

And the pair are off and running through the corridors of the White House, past the First Dogs, and around the exterior of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. (Two random observations: 1) Are they running to a dance beat version of ESPN’s old “Monday Night Football” theme? And 2) do you think protocol requires Biden to stay one step behind the prez on runs?)

The pair do a little stretching, and then walk back inside the Oval Office. Biden says to the president: “You’re hard to keep up with out there!”

Obama responds, “You did great out there!” and then points to some water, saying they need to “drink up” otherwise they will be in trouble with Biden’s wife, Joan, and Michelle. The two clink glasses with a “Same time next week” cheer.

While we’re not ready to endorse running in work shoes, we do have to give the two men props for showing America that sometimes the best place to get a workout in is at work.

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