Chuck Norris blasts Obama over ‘pro-gay Boy Scouts’ stance

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Real-life action figure Chuck Norris is blasting President Obama for allegedly working behind the scenes to create a “pro-gay Boy Scouts of America.”

Norris -- an action star and well-known conservative and gun-rights activist -- made the charges in a piece posted Tuesday on, a site dedicated to shooting-sports news.

Norris suggests that Americans take a closer look at the recent headlines made when James Turley, a Boy Scouts of America national board member, announced that he will work from within the scouting organization to change its long-standing position barring gay Scouts and gay Scout leaders. Turley is also chairman and chief executive of Ernst & Young.


“Is Turley working on his own initiative, or has the White House prodded him with perks and favors?” Norris asks in the article, which also suggests that Obama has tossed several political plums Turley’s way so that he will carry out what he describes as the White House’s pro-gay agenda. “Is it a coincidence that Turley is in tight cahoots with the White House and that he is the only BSA national board member in 100 years to oppose its pro-traditional family stance?”

The article also seems to criticize Obama for what Norris sees as the administration’s favoritism of illegal immigrants, homosexuals, atheists and agnostics over Christians and U.S. taxpayers.

The article is largely written as a series of provocative questions -- not statements. Examples:

“Is it a coincidence that Obama will stand up repeatedly for the children of illegal immigrants (and grant them amnesty and taxpayer money) but that he will not once stand up for children in the BSA and the organization’s rights and freedoms to hold their own core values and beliefs?”

“Is it a coincidence that as the honorary BSA president and a ‘constitutional lawyer,’ Obama hasn’t had one minute in his schedule over the past years to defend or say anything about the series of lawsuits that have been levied against the BSA because of its First Amendment rights to stand against atheists, agnostics and homosexuals?”

Neither Norris’ representatives nor Ammoland responded to requests for comment by the time this article was posted.


But reaction posted on the article, which is currently one of the most popular on the site, runs the gamut. Among the comments:

“Can someone tell me what the hell this has to do with gun rights?”

“A very great and true article by Mr. Norris.”

Norris, meanwhile, was taking a knock over on Twitter: “Shame on you @chucknorris for your discrimination against homosexual kids.”

Such backlash is a rarity on that social media platform, home to a long-running stream of Chuck Norris chatter that celebrates his mythic, martial arts skills.

Example: Why does #ChuckNorris sleep with his light on? Because the light is scared of Chuck Norris.


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