Paula Deen blooper reel: Butter Queen gets raw, uncensored

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Paula Deen’s blooper reel is raw, uncensored and a Web sensation. And if we were really being skeptical, we’d also label it a brilliant little piece of P.R.

But we’re not.

Instead, like the masses, we’re enjoying the deep-fried mash-up of the Food Network star’s bloopers and blunders, not to mention the eyebrow-raising antics and even some down-and-dirty cussin’.

Among the naughtier bits: Deen is seen hollering swear words and using a chocolate eclair to mimic a sex act.

The New York Post was the first to publish the story about the reel, which the newspaper says is at the center of a dispute involving Deen and Celebrity Chefs Tours, which puts together events featuring popular chefs like Deen.


The reel originated with Deen herself. Her team offered it up as a lively, saucy lead-in to her public appearances, according to the Post. “But the tour operators decided the foul film was more fit for a Friars Club roast than a family-themed cooking demonstration and refused to show it,” the newspaper reported.

Deen subsequently backed out of the 10-city tour, and the two sides are continuing to squabble.
The reel is making the rounds on the Internet, but it’s unlikely to be a surprise to anyone who has seen Deen live.

Sometimes referred to as the Butter Queen for her traditionally butter- and fat-heavy recipes, Deen apparently enjoys showing audiences a different side of the Southern hospitality for which she’s known. Deen’s racy, outrageous chatter and antics rarely fail to garner hoots and hollers and plenty of applause from the audience.

One example: At a live demo in New York City several years ago, an audience member asked for hairstyling tips. Those in attendance roared their approval as Deen told the woman it was all smoke and mirrors -- and then began yanking out the clip-on hair extensions that give her those gravity-defying waves and flips.

The “leaking” of the reel could help rehabilitate Deen’s image a bit.

Although she’s still one of the most popular and beloved food personalities in America, her reputation took a ding earlier this year. That’s when it was revealed that she had Type 2 diabetes and had begun to change her diet and exercise regimen to address her medical condition -- but had kept that news from her audience.

When she finally went public with the news of her diabetes, she did so by announcing that she had become a new spokeswoman for a diabetes drug.



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