Photos: Rallies for Trayvon Martin continue across the nation

Several hundred people gather in Baltimore for a demonstration in reaction to the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the slaying of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.
(Steve Ruark / Associated Press)

Rallies for Trayvon Martin continued in U.S. cities from coast to coast on Monday, the third night after George Zimmerman’s acquittal of murdering the Florida 17-year-old.

Since a six-woman jury came to its verdict in Seminole County, Fla., on Saturday evening, demonstrations have spread across the country.

Some of the most dramatic occurred Sunday evening, when demonstrators swarmed New York City’s Times Square; blocked a freeway and other streets in Los Angeles; and set fire to a flag in Oakland. Protests around the country were largely peaceful, however.


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Officials prepared for similar events Monday evening in Atlanta, Minneapolis, Houston and elsewhere, as well as Los Angeles and New York.

Demonstrators have mourned for Martin, expressed anger over the verdict, and voiced concern over the treatment of black people in the U.S, with some also calling for the U.S. Department of Justice to take action against Zimmerman.

Here are some tweets and photos from events around the country Monday:


Downtown Atlanta right now at AU Center Rally 4 Trayvon #J4TM #NoJusticeforTravon — Charlie Peach (@bretech2) July 15, 2013



A rally in downtown #Baltimore calling on justice for Trayvon Martin. @WNEW — Kevin Rincon (@KevinWNEW) July 15, 2013

Trayvon Martin rally in front of city hall — Carrie Wells (@cwellssun) July 15, 2013

Birmingham, Ala.:

Some people hold up signs for Trayvon... others campaign for the mayor’s office. #cbs42 — Kaitlin McCulley (@KaitlinMcCulley) July 15, 2013

Bronx, N.Y.:

Trayvon Martin justice rally. Hunts point, Bronx,NY — Daniel Medina (@dmedin11) July 15, 2013


A few hundred protesters at Trayvon justice rally here in Hunts Point, Bronx. #trayvon — Daniel Medina (@dmedin11) July 15, 2013

Charleston, S.C.:

Trayvon Martin rally in Charleston #marionsquare — Husain (@mellodeas) July 15, 2013


Rally in Cleveland for Trayvon Martin. — Nick Castele (@NickCastele) July 15, 2013

Cleveland Trayvon Martin rally: people threw Skittles at the Justice Center. — Nick Castele (@NickCastele) July 15, 2013



Downtown Detroit peaceful march/demonstration. #justicefortrayvon @ Jefferson ave — Roland Coit of (BR) (@Ro_Spit) July 15, 2013


Trayvon Martin rally — Diana Sepulveda (@AskDee_) July 15, 2013

Crowds gather outside Byrds Funeral Home for Trayvon Martin Rally. — Cierra Duncan (@Cierra_JD) July 15, 2013



Sadly, still waaaaaaay smaller -- and more subdued -- than the rally last year for Trayvon Martin. — Erika D. Smith (@Erika_D_Smith) July 15, 2013

Kansas City, Mo.:

Trayvon Martin Peace Rally. #kansasCity #PeaceRally #FreedomFountain #kansascitygoodfella @ Kansas… — Kirk Proctor, Jr. (@imkirkkobayne) July 15, 2013

Minneapolis, Minn.:

Easily hundreds of people out here in downtown #Minneapolis for Trayvon rally. Getting underway now. — Blake McCoy (@BlakeKARE11) July 15, 2013

Can hear the rally for Trayvon Martin from my office. #HoodiesUp — Matt Buechner (@mattbuechner) July 15, 2013


Newark, N.J.:

Protest Rally for Trayvon Martin in downtown Newark, NJ! — Nicole Vanessa Ortiz (@nicolevortiz) July 15, 2013

New Haven, Conn.:

About 100 people -- 50% white, 50% black/hispanic -- gathered at #Trayvon rally in downtown #nhv. — DFA New Haven (@DFANewHaven) July 15, 2013

Rochester, N.Y.:

The community is trickling in to the Baber AME church in Rochester for a peace rally in support of Trayvon Martin — Chelsea Pompeani (@ChelsPompeani_8) July 15, 2013


Springfield, Mass.:

Trayvon Martin Rally Springfield, MA #Justice4Trayvon — Timothy Jones (@PastorTim33) July 16, 2013

West Allis, Wisc.:

Rally for Trayvon Martin and Corey Stingley in West Allis. — Jenna Sachs FOX 6 (@jcsachs) July 15, 2013

Wichita, Kan.:

The crowd at this Justice for Trayvon rally at 21st and Hillside has grown to exceed 200 protesters. — Phil White (@phil_white) July 15, 2013



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