Michael Brown's family calls for peace, expects grand jury decision soon

The attorneys for the family of an unarmed young black man killed by a white police officer in Ferguson, Mo., in August called for peace on Thursday from protesters as a grand jury decision in the case looms.

"The journey for justice has been long, difficult and stressful to endure," said Benjamin Crump, an attorney for the family of Michael Brown, the 18-year-old killed after an altercation with Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson.


Crump called for nonviolent protests as a grand jury is set to decide whether to charge Wilson in the killing of Brown on Aug. 9. The shooting spawned weeks of unrest in the St. Louis suburb including the firing of tear gas at protesters and the looting of dozens of businesses.

Earlier this week, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon said the National Guard would be ready to assist law enforcement in the event that any protests after the grand jury decision turn violent.

"We thank you in advance for treating [protesters] as citizens," Crump said of law enforcement.

In the news conference at the St. Louis County Justice Center, Crump said former New York medical examiner Michael M. Baden testified Thursday before the grand jury.

Baden conducted a preliminary private autopsy that he said showed Brown had been shot six times by Wilson.

"We're grateful that he flew in and provided his testimony," Crump said. "His testimony will be very helpful to the grand jury."

Crump refused to give details about Baden's testimony, saying the medical examiner will speak for himself after the grand jury makes its decision.

If the grand jury does not indict Wilson, St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch has vowed to release full transcripts and audio recordings of the proceedings.

When asked by reporters Thursday if they have a sense of when the grand jury might come back with a decision, Crump said he thinks the grand jury is getting to the end of testimony.

"This is the end of the road," Crump said.

Staff writer Michael Muskal contributed to this report. 

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