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5-month-old revived in Florida highway drama; baby critical but stable

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A 5-month-old baby was saved from suffocation on a Miami highway thanks to the quick thinking of a group of highway Good Samaritans.

Traffic halted when a woman jumped out of her car calling for help for a baby boy who had turned blue.

That’s when humanity kicked into action, according to the Miami Herald.

[Updated at 9:53 a.m. PST Feb. 21: “Baby Sebastian remains in critical but stable condition,” a Florida hospital spokeswoman told the Los Angeles Times on Friday morning.]


Pamela Rauseo had exited her car, dropped to the pavement and begun performing CPR on the unconscious baby, her nephew Sebastian. Another woman, a stranger, left her 3-year-old son in her car to assist Rauseo. A Miami Herald photographer ran through traffic lanes to summon more assistance.

And more help came.

A police officer performed chest pumps on the baby while Rauseo breathed into her nephew’s mouth. The baby, who suffers from respiratory issues, began breathing and crying, then suddenly stopped breathing again.

The Miami-Dade Fire Rescue finally rushed the little boy to a hospital.


And one group of highway Samaritans breathed a collective sigh of relief.

I had and interesting day on SR 836. I got to see a baby revived by strangers. “Drama on the expressway.”— Al Diaz (@aldiazphoto) February 21, 2014


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