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Tornadoes touch down in Kansas, Oklahoma, damage homes

Kansas tornado
A tornado southwest of Wichita, Kan., on Sunday.
(Travis Heying / Wichita Eagle)

Tornadoes touched down in Kansas and Oklahoma on Sunday evening from a massive storm system stretching from Texas to Minnesota.

Several homes were heavily damaged near the Oklahoma towns of Carney and Wellston, where tornadoes reportedly ripped off roofs and walls in the rural center of the state, according to local media footage.

Earlier Sunday, a tornado touched down southwest of Wichita in southern Kansas. That storm system knocked out power lines, dumped golf-ball-sized hail and caused some flash flooding.

Despite multiple twisters that scoured both states, there was no immediate report of injuries.


Here’s a sampling of tweets as residents and forecasters buckled down for the storms:

The National Weather Service office in Wichita is taking shelter. That means you definitely should be, too. #kswx— Kyle McCaskey (@Kylemccaskey) May 19, 2013

The green dots are storm chasers. They’re swarming in like locusts. #KSstorms…— Travis Heying (@travisheying) May 19, 2013

Craziest part of this storm: couple of cyclists riding along the McLean Street path in the hail like it was no big deal. Whaaaah? #kswx— Karen Cravens (@KarenInDelano) May 19, 2013


More than 6,600 customers now without power in Sedgwick County after powerful storms moved through. #kswx— Stan (@StanFinger) May 19, 2013

As the storm system crossed through Oklahoma, communities in the central part of the state and meteorologists found themselves gazing at the same storm they were watching on their monitors.

Tornado may be developing just outside our window at 541pm. #okwx…
— NWS Norman (@NWSNorman) May 19, 2013

OK County Emergency Manager David Barnes: Minor structure damage reports coming out of Edmond.— Juliana Keeping (@julianakeeping) May 19, 2013

601pm - dangerous supercell moving through NE Norman. Circulation passing very close to the radar! #okwx…— NWS Norman (@NWSNorman) May 19, 2013

612pm - Large tornado west of Pink! Take cover RIGHT NOW in Pink! DO NOT WAIT! #okwx— NWS Norman (@NWSNorman) May 19, 2013

Eye of the Pink tornado from KTLX radar, 19.5 deg elevation angle, 15K feet. #okwx…— NWS Norman (@NWSNorman) May 19, 2013


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