Aptera Typ-1
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Aptera Typ-1
It has three wheels, so it’s registered as a motorcycle, but it has a steering wheel and seats two, so it feels more like a car. (APTERA MOTORS)
Aptera Typ-1
Riding in the Typ-1 is sort of like being in a high-tech fishbowl. There’s incredible visibility from all sides except the back, which is equipped with a rear-view camera that displays whatever’s happening behind the vehicle on a trio of computer screens. (APTERA MOTORS)
Can-Am Spyder
If the manual-transmission Can-Am Spyder is a reentry bike for aging motorcyclists, the Canadian company’s semiautomatic version may be more of a bridge vehicle for drivers of cars. (CAN-AM)
Can-Am Spyder (CAN-AM)
Vectrix V3
While the V3 uses the same sort of independent, wheel-action suspension as the Piaggio MP3, allowing each front wheel to move independently but also lean in tandem and lock when stopped, Vectrix’s front suspension is its own proprietary design. (VECTRIX)
Piaggio MP3 500
Capitalizing on the success of the MP3 250, Piaggio delivers a pair of 400-cc and 500-cc maxi-scooters that use the same twinned wheels and articulated front end to increase the bike’s stability and riders’ sense of calm. (PIAGGIO GROUP)
Piaggio MP3 500 (PIAGGIO GROUP)
TriRod F3 Adrenaline
Like the Spyder, the F3 doesn’t lean in turns. It’s designed to ride like a three-wheeled Formula 1 race car with a sit-on versus sit-in design. (DON KELSEN, Los Angeles Times)