Think again, please

Downtown’s asphalt is our backyard, so The Times Opinion Manufacturing Division has embraced the accompanying essay’s call for a new round of brainstorming about what to do with the 16-acre park that will be the Grand Avenue project’s centerpiece.

Martin Kaplan of USC’s Annenberg School and director of the Norman Lear Center will shepherd submissions. Strong entries will appear on the Lear Center website — .

Current’s website — — will link to that site and the strongest submissions will appear in these pages.

Contributors will not be compensated, and they will retain all rights to their proposals.

Proposals, from teams or individuals, should restrict themselves to the park’s planned footprint and can address landscape design, technology, transportation … virtually any aspect of the park, big or small.

They can take the form of text, drawings, photographs and/or Web-friendly content such as animations or virtual tours.

Theoretical discussions are welcome, but only as elements of proposals.

If you think redeveloping downtown is a bad idea, this is not for you.

Present Grand Avenue plans, public comments and other resources are linked at . Submit entries by e-mail to or mail them to the Norman Lear Center, USC, Los Angeles, CA 90089-0281.

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