Newsletter: Essential California: Meet the Latinos supporting Trump in California

Elena Pineda, 81, and her daughter Mary Jennings, 57, attend a rally for Republican presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump in Fresno on Friday. Some of Jennings' family have stopped speaking to her over her support for Trump.
(Robin Abcarian / Los Angeles Times)

Good morning. It is Monday, May 30 — Memorial Day. Is this downtown L.A.’s cutest taco shack? Here’s what else is happening in the Golden State:


Who is accountable?

The contamination of up to 10,000 homes with lead from the Exide battery recycling plant in Vernon has produced much political rhetoric. Yet accountability for years of pollution by Exide Technologies has been scant, a Times review shows. “People want to know how can such calamity go on for so many years without any agency stopping it,” said Msgr. John Moretta of Resurrection Catholic Church in Boyle Heights. “From Day One we’ve been concerned about why this took place and we haven’t gotten a good answer.” Los Angeles Times


Finding Trump supporters

Columnist Robin Abcarian traveled to Fresno to meet Latino voters who support presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. “It’s about illegal aliens! Mom and I can’t go to Canada and just squat and get benefits. We couldn’t go to Mexico either without the proper paperwork,” said a 57-year-old retired law enforcement officer. Los Angeles Times

Safety inspections

A group of inspectors with the Los Angeles Fire Department says the public has been put at risk as the LAFD cuts corners to clear a backlog of building safety reviews. Apartments, hospitals and studios may have been improperly declared safe. “They are saying the inspection is complete, and the public thinks the building is safe. The building is not safe,” said Capt. Gary Carpenter, a 26-year veteran of the department. Mayor Eric Garcetti said the complaints are part of an internal investigation. Los Angeles Times


Memorial Day

Many will take part in barbecues, beach trips and public ceremonies today. But on Sunday, people gathered at the Riverside National Cemetery, one of the largest national cemeteries in the country, to remember veterans they have loved and lost. “Near the entrance of the cemetery, dozens of volunteers conducted their own solemn ritual, reading the names of about 5,000 people who have been buried at the cemetery since Memorial Day of last year.” Los Angeles Times


Stranger in need: This is an L.A. mystery with a happy ending. When a man had a heart attack behind the wheel of his car, strangers jumped into action, writes columnist Steve Lopez. Weeks later, the man tried to find the good Samaritans by posting signs: “Did you call 911 last March 17? You saved my life. Please call me.” Los Angeles Times


Defacing a memorial: Vandals struck a Venice Beach memorial dedicated to service members who went missing in action in Vietnam. The crime came just as the nation comes together for Memorial Day. “It’s sad and shocking. Such ignorance and animosity,” said George Francisco, vice president of the Venice Chamber of Commerce. Los Angeles Times

Storied property: A Hollywood time capsule is on the market for $8.7 million. The property was once part of a larger compound owned by silent-movie star Buster Keaton. During the 1950s, the home belonged to one of Elvis Presley’s girlfriends. Curbed LA


Political endorsement: Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says he’ll announce before the election which presidential candidate he supports, but he’s not yet ready to support Trump. “I think it is important we go and bring both parties together. This is where the action is, in the middle,” Schwarzenegger said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” Los Angeles Times


Fight is on: The politics of Little Saigon in Orange County are getting nasty. “There’s been a lot of stories. No one can keep up, and the accusations have been extreme,” said Phong Nhat Tran, a filmmaker from Westminster capturing the campaign for BBC News. Though four candidates are running for the Board of Supervisors’ First District, most of the fighting appears to be between incumbent Andrew Do and challenger Phat Bui, a Garden Grove councilman. Los Angeles Times

Political road trip: Hollywood celebrities are crisscrossing the state in an RV to build support for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. “But the DIY nature of this weekend’s road trip is a bit different from typical endorsement tours, and it seems in tune with a campaign that has prided itself on small individual donations and other grassroots support.” Los Angeles Times


Scamming the military: Who is the man who allegedly ripped off the U.S. Navy for years? “Leonard Glenn Francis was legendary on the high seas for his charm and his appetite for excess. For years, the Singapore-based businessman had showered Navy officers with gifts, epicurean dinners, prostitutes and, if necessary, cash bribes so they would look the other way while he swindled the Navy to refuel and resupply its ships.” Washington Post


Where is she?: The mystery around Pearl Pinson’s disappearance is growing. Authorities undertook a massive search for the 15-year-old Bay Area girl along the Russian River in Sonoma County but on Saturday afternoon called it off. Pearl was abducted Wednesday as she walked to a bus stop near her home. The man who police believe kidnapped her was killed in a shootout with authorities on Thursday. Los Angeles Times

Life after terror: Six months after the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, the day’s first responders are still trying to make sense of what they saw and experienced. “Looking at all the victims inside — it was hard to get past that. I felt just, emotionally, a ton of sorrow in the pit of my stomach,” said San Bernardino motor Officer Brett Murphy. San Bernardino Sun

Safety first: A trio of women enjoying happy hour in Santa Monica sprang into action when they saw a man drug another woman’s drink, according to a Facebook post that went viral. The women warned the date and the restaurant staff called the police. LAist

Road deaths: Forty cyclists have been killed on Southern California roadways this year — about double the number from the same period of time last year. “We need to have a conversation about changing our behavior, about people. We are all people. The form of transportation shouldn’t matter,” said Danny Gamboa, who teaches bike safety through the Long Beach Health Department. Daily News



San Francisco treat: How could tourists not be impressed with the Golden Gate Bridge? Some folks are upset they have to pay a toll to cross the bridge. Others are disappointed that the bridge isn’t actually gold and is sometimes covered by fog. SFGate

Graduation day: In 1984, students at San Francisco State University discovered a newborn baby in a box. The infant, “Baby Jane Doe,” was adopted, named Jillian Sobol and on Friday, she graduated from the same university with a bachelor’s degree. “I believe it to be a story of hope, joy, optimism, family and San Francisco State University,” she said. San Francisco Chronicle

Tech support: Did the iPhone save the life of this Instagram star? Orange County Register



Sacramento will be sunny with a high of 97. San Francisco will be sunny with a high of 70. There will be low clouds as temperatures reach 82 degrees in Riverside. Los Angeles will have clouds and a high of 72. In San Diego, there will be low clouds as temperatures reach 72.


This week’s birthdays for notable Californians:


Director Clint Eastwood (May 31, 1930), former L.A. County Supervisor Gloria Molina (May 31, 1948), actor Morgan Freeman (June 1, 1937), actress Angelina Jolie (June 4, 1975) and Snapchat Chief Executive Evan Spiegel (June 4, 1990).

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