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AT&T has its eye on Time Warner

AT&T has its eye on Time Warner
AT&T is closing in on a deal to buy media company Time Warner Inc., which is headquartered in New York. (Jason Szenes / EPA)

Good morning. It is Saturday, Oct. 22. Here's what you don't want to miss this weekend:



That's entertainment: In what many see as a virtual earthquake in the media and technology world, AT&T is in advanced talks to buy Time Warner, the titan that owns HBO, TNT, TBS, CNN and the Warner Bros. studios. AT&T appears intent on assembling an arsenal to compete against powerful technology titans Google and Apple. Los Angeles Times.

Also: Before AT&T joined the hunt for Time Warner, Apple had kicked the tires. Wall Street Journal

Mixing new and old L.A.: The Fairfax District, for decades the center of Jewish life in Southern California, has emerged as a melting pot like no other. Many of the Jewish businesses have left, but those that remain are sharing the shopping district with street-wear boutiques and other trendy, youth-oriented businesses. Los Angeles Times

Setting the record straight: It turns out the most famous backer of a Los Angeles slow-growth ballot measure is not a supporter after all. A representative for Leonardo DiCaprio says the actor is not for the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative, despite contrary claims from supporters. Los Angeles Times

Challenging social norms: In the Bay Area, women with alopecia areata are taking a stand. You can still be sexy and bald. KQED

Cyber-sleuthing: What — and who — is behind the cyberattack that hit the East Coast first before causing havoc in California? And is it a preview of something worse? New York Times

Free and open debate? Facebook board member and Silicon Valley titan Peter Thiel is facing criticism for supporting Donald Trump. But the bigger problem for Facebook, some say, might be what critics see as Thiel's attack on press freedom. The Atlantic

A fallen son: California is again mourning its war dead. Chief Petty Officer Jason C. Finan, 34, of Lake Forest died "after sustaining injuries" from an improvised explosive device in Iraq. San Diego Union-Tribune

Mail call: California voters are delivering early ballots in big numbers. Sacramento Bee

A dark place: Behind the horrific story of a mother who fatally stabbed her baby before killing herself in Long Beach. Her husband is now speaking out, and talking about postpartum psychosis. Orange County Register

Come rain or ...: Surfers are swimming in some tainted California ocean waters in the name of science. San Diego Union-Tribune


1. These guys tried an $11 steak and a $306 steak to see if it was worth it. BuzzFeed

2. This 3-year-old's adorable school picture went viral. People


3. What happened when this Chinese company reached out to college admission officers in the U.S.? Reuters

4. How one photographer captured L.A. New York Times

5. Is this art from Banksy? LA Magazine


Sinking feeling: It was supposed to be the crown jewel of San Francisco's new skyline. But the Millennium Tower is instead becoming a punchline, and a new debate point in the battle over development. The tower is sinking — 16 inches so far, with projections that the amount could double over time. And as it sinks, the building also has begun to list — an estimated two to four inches at the structure's base and 14 inches at the top. Los Angeles Times

Racial politics: What the new HBO show "Insecure" says about how black Los Angeles is portrayed — and specifically the lives of black women. LA Review of Books

Money talks: Big money is making Beverly Hills politics something to behold these days. Los Angeles Times


Monday: The Union Rescue Mission marks its 125th year of service.


Tuesday: Long Beach officials will discuss plans to add international flights at Long Beach Airport.

Saturday: St. John's United Methodist Church will host a community policing event to discuss the killing of blacks and Latinos in South L.A.

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