Newsletter: California feels the repercussions of Trump’s travel restrictions

Trump has fired acting Atty. Gen. Sally Yates. It’s unclear how many were held in LAX under Trump’s travel ban. Three homes were at risk after a mudslide in the Hollywood Hills. Sony Corp. has decided to take a nearly $1-billion write-down on its mo


Good morning. It’s Tuesday, Jan. 31, and here’s what’s happening across California:


Trump and travel

Handicapping the legal dramas ahead over the travel restrictions that have so roiled cities, airports and Washington in recent days. Los Angeles Times


The LAX army

“It was coordinated chaos,” says one of scores of volunteer lawyers who descended on LAX to help those detained under President Trump’s travel orders. Many are part of a battle-tested network of advocacy groups in Los Angeles that have been working for years without fanfare on immigration issues and now have suddenly found themselves in the international spotlight. Others were attorneys with no experience in the intricacies of immigration law who felt compelled, nonetheless, to turn out as their social media feeds filled with calls for help. Los Angeles Times

Portraits emerging

Despite intense secrecy from the federal government, portraits of the travelers detained at LAX this weekend are emerging. They include the elderly, the young, and a cancer patient. Los Angeles Times

Colleges on edge

The ban is filling universities with uncertainty. At USC, an Iranian doctoral student is canceling plans to conduct research on Syrian refugees, afraid he will not be allowed to return to the United States. At UCLA, professors have been deprived of a rare opportunity to visit Iran in March for an international conference on Persian literature. Los Angeles Times


Where they stand

Which California members of Congress are speaking out — or staying silent — on the Trump travel restrictions? Los Angeles Times


Bridging a gap: The Los Angeles River is famous for its ornate bridges. Now, it has a new one. An art-filled span connecting Cypress Park to Elysian Valley opened, and it includes space for bikes as well as cars. Curbed Los Angeles

Transit hub: The South Bay town of Hawthorne has become the epicenter of planning California’s transportation future. Daily News

Danger zone: Three expensive homes in the Hollywood Hills were threatened by a debris flow that hit Monday afternoon. Los Angeles Times


End of an era: Vidiots, one of the most beloved (and one of the last) video stores in the L.A. area, is closing its doors. The Santa Monica store was a favorite of film buffs and survived years of carnage in the business. The owners are trying to relocate. Santa Monica Lookout

Power center: Tesla Motors Inc. and Southern California Edison unveiled one of the world’s largest energy-storage facilities, part of a massive deployment of grid-connected batteries that regulators hail as key to helping keep Southern California’s lights on and reducing fossil-fuel reliance. Los Angeles Times

Clean up: Do residents of Wilmington deserve a clean-air buffer from industrial properties belching dirty air? New York Times


Not anti-Trump enough? Dianne Feinstein is facing some political heat for not being anti-Trump enough. Protesters outside her house say she should not vote for any of his appointees, even ones she supports. SF Gate

Driving change: California driver’s licenses and birth certificates could have a third option for gender in addition to male or female under legislation unveiled Thursday by Democratic lawmakers. Los Angeles Times


Trump and the Valley: H-1B visas have long been a supply chain for top workers in Silicon Valley. Now, the tech world is on edge as President Trump vows “reform.” Mercury News

College stakes: Do whites have an advantage over Asians when it come to college admissions? New York Times


Still a mystery: Two months after the mysterious kidnapping and recovery of Sherri Papini in the Redding area, many unanswered questions remain. “The investigation is still ongoing. It is a priority case,” officials say. Sacramento Bee

Cold case: Officials say an escaped prisoner who would be fatally shot by police in 1982 killed Karen Klaas, the ex-wife of Bill Medley, the Righteous Brothers singer, in 1976. It solves a vexing four-decade-old cold case. Los Angeles Times



Battered: How historic storms on the Monterey Bay have left the seaside resort town of Aptos with one big historical mess. Los Angeles Times


Trouble on the lot: Sony Corp.’s decision to take a nearly $1-billion write-down on its movie business is an extraordinary step for a major Hollywood player that highlights the deepening financial challenges facing the nearly century-old Culver City studio. Los Angeles Times

City shift: Could San Diego become a San Francisco sports city? If Dean Spanos lost you as a Chargers fan when he moved the team to Los Angeles, the San Francisco 49ers may be a team that now holds appeal to you. San Diego Union-Tribune

Birthday boy: How Gustavo Dudamel celebrated his 36th birthday. Los Angeles Times

Gay pioneer: Stuart Timmons, a journalist, activist and authority on the role of gays and lesbians in Los Angeles history, has died. He was 60. Los Angeles Times



Los Angeles area: Sunny with highs in the mid-70s. San Diego: Sunny with highs in the low 70s. San Francisco area and Sacramento: Partly cloudy with highs in the low 60s. More weather is here.


Today’s California memory comes from Anne Marie Montagne Shulman:

“In 1997 I moved to California from New Orleans. Having only ever lived in the South, I was used to limited vistas, flat land and hazy skies. After driving for two days across I-10, I can still remember the moment when I fell in love with L.A. I was coming down the 134 into the Valley, and curving around the hill I could see downtown L.A. in the distance, the green hills dotted with homes, the crystal-clear sky was shimmering with a setting bright yellow sun, and I was totally blinded by the sun and beauty. The tangible qualities of the colors are still vivid to me.”

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