Letters: A miracle worker for Congress?

Re “Peaceful path to political arena,” Column One, Jan. 13

I pray that “spiritual leader” Marianne Williamson — whose message focuses on love and forgiveness, which she believes opens the way for change she describes as miracles — will reconsider her ambition to leap into politics by running for Congress in the 33rd Congressional District, which embraces Malibu, Santa Monica and my hometown, Pacific Palisades.

True, those of us who live here dwell “in some of the nation’s wealthiest, most politically active communities, including a good chunk of the entertainment industry who have admired Williamson.” But I can attest that many of these folk, especially those in the entertainment industry, need spiritual guidance more than they need another politician.

Instead of entangling herself in the sordid and messy world of politics, Williamson should stick to her original mission of working miracles.


Al Ramrus

Pacific Palisades


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