Letters: Disappointed in the president

Re "Obama's undiplomatic picks," Editorial, Feb. 13

It has been a crushing disappointment to this reader, who voted twice for Barack Obama, to follow instance after instance of our president's lack of insight, foresight or hindsight.


But it isn't only his poor ambassador picks that trouble me.

It started with the outrageous selection of two men — Timothy Geithner and Lawrence Summers, who were instrumental in bringing about the changes that led to the financial meltdown — to manage our monetary policies. Billions in bailout money were given to banks without putting any executives in jail.

At the same time, Obama was broadening George W. Bush's assault on the 4th Amendment by allowing the expansion of the National Security Agency's invasion of our national privacy.

When, not if, Obama permits the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, it will be consistent with his corporatist record of opening ever-wider swaths of this country to the ravages of petroleum extraction.

Incompetent ambassadors are the least of our worries.

Timothy Wawrzeniak