Firestone Boulevard office building
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Unbuilt L.A.

Firestone Boulevard office building
Firestone Boulevard office building: B+U’s 2009 plan for a Downey retail palladium would have featured ornately braided layers of semi-transparent fabric. (B+U Architects)
Museum of Natural History
Steven Holl’s 2002 plan would have wrapped the building in a new glass facade and added a tower with commanding city views. (Steven Holl Architects)
L.A. Civic Center
Lloyd Wright, son of Frank Lloyd Wright, offered Los Angeles a futuristic “acropolis for the city” with his entry in a 1925 contest to reconceive downtown. (Eric Lloyd Wright)
Mass transit
No lines on a map convey a greater sense of civic loss than the red routes of Kelker, De Leuw & Co.'s 1925 plan for an L.A. subway system. (L.A. County Metropolitan Transportation Authority)
Civic Center Plaza
A lattice of steel would have supported a four-story pyramid in Helmut Jahn’s vision for an office complex near City Hall. (Murphy/Jahn)
Santa Monica offshore freeway
This early 1960s idea for traffic relief on Pacific Coast Highway originated with Santa Monica businessman John Drescher.  (City of Santa Monica)
Tower of Civilization
Donald R. Warren’s plan for a 1,290-foot high tower for the proposed 1939 World’s Fair would have given Los Angeles the world’s then-tallest structure. (Huntington LIbrary)
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