Slow news can be good news for readers

Slow news can be good news for readers
A Times reader applauded this photograph of a Boyle Heights Youth Orchestra rehearsal at the Breed Street Shul.
(Barbara Davidson / Los Angeles Times)

There’s often a slow-down in news during the holiday season, with lawmakers out of town, businesses closed and many people on vacation. In turn, newspapers tend to run more feature stories, photos and retrospectives.

Whether that touches readers’ hearts -- or perhaps readers just have more time to write -- the letters to the editor at The Times often include thanks and appreciation this time of year.


Here’s a selection. And a happy New Year to all.

Ann Bourman of Los Angeles savored a photograph:


“Thank you for a lovely Christmas present -- a photograph of adorable children playing and singing Hanukkah and Christmas music in the Breed Street Shul.  And thank you to all the parents and teachers who are making the Boyle Heights Youth Orchestra possible.  What a noteworthy endeavor indeed for our children and for our city.”

In Cucamonga, Ben Fenton also took note of a good picture from Afghanistan:

“The look on the men’s faces in the photo on page A4 tells it all. One can just feel the ignorance.”

Others sent appreciation from afar.

Paul Hawley in Alabama wrote:


“Let me commend you for sharing the cartoons of Ted Rall. They add a great deal to my life of the mind. It is my fond hope that you will continue to publish him regularly. Until moving out of Southern California, I was a lifelong daily reader of The Times in print; I continue to follow your journalism and commentary closely. In my opinion, you remain a paragon of journalistic integrity and innovation.”

In San Diego, Manuel Demetre hopes for more feel-good stories:

“Please! More articles on people like Bruno Serato and his financial help to the needy rather than telling us that Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, is [making millions.]

“We see and read enough about greedy individuals in this country, and it’s refreshing to read about a man willing to share what he has with those less fortunate. Bruno deserves front-page coverage, and Cook should be buried on the last page. Feel-good articles at this time of year are worth reading.”


Finally, Marjorie Moeller of Seal Beach enjoyed a column on Santa Claus:

“My mother always said that Santa Claus  was the spirit of giving. We never were shocked to not have him as a real person. I like your quote:  ‘We must learn how to believe in something and have faith.’  

“A very nice article, and thank you.”


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