Letters: Jerry Brown, pragmatic in a crisis

Re “Brown lists new cuts to close deficit,” May 15

In this era when compromise and pragmatism are dirty words, Gov. Jerry Brown stands out like a giant.

His analysis of California’s financial condition, and his recommendation of new revenue via tax hikes combined with deep budget cuts, is honest.

It represents the most logical response to a problem that is far more serious than many politicians acknowledge.


His statement that the state of California and government at all levels are living beyond their means is absolutely correct.

Let’s use this opportunity not just to balance the budget but to reexamine what our government should be doing and then provide the funding to do it efficiently.

Richard F. Corlin

Santa Monica

Anyone can slash and burn to meet a budget. It’s no different than a business CEO who terminates positions to save his own. That’s just perfunctory. It produces nothing.

A visionary strengthens healthcare programs and produces job increases. A bean counter does the opposite; he cuts and cuts because he can’t achieve.

Our votes were for visionary leadership and a stronger state, not for a chief financial officer.

Lawrence Monaco

Studio City


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