Letters: Yoga classes in Encinitas schools posing a problem

Yoga teacher Jackie Bergeron works with students at Paul Ecke Central Elementary School in Encinitas. Students attend two 40-minute yoga classes each week.
(Eduardo Contreras / San Diego Union Tribune / Zuma Press)

Re “Parents distressed by yoga,” Nov. 7

The parents of children in the Encinitas schools who are concerned about the dangers of religious indoctrination resulting from the introduction of a yoga curriculum shouldn’t worry too much. The acceptance of soccer, volleyball and even lacrosse in schools has caused some students to stray from the baseball, basketball and football religions, but — come playoff season — they’ll be back.

John Hennessy
Culver City

As a person of faith but not a Christian, I need to get this straight:


Those with “Christian values” have no problem with Christian prayers before and after football games, school sport banners with biblical sayings, Christian invocations at Little League games, Christmas pageants at public schools, the Ten Commandments at courthouses and crosses everywhere to commemorate everybody and everything.

Now we have yoga in Encinitas schools and the world is somehow coming to an end?

My children were told throughout their school years to “just sit out” any of the Christian events that were contrary to their religious beliefs. These parents need to do the same.

Marc Lebovitz
Newport Beach

I hope the parents in Encinitas who fear that yoga is bringing in Eastern mysticism eschew their Christmas trees, mistletoe and Easter eggs when they realize that those are holdovers from pagan rites.

I also can’t help wondering if, among the new names for poses, there isn’t one called “foolish doofus”?

Terry Snyder
Los Angeles

I laughed out loud when I read the headline on this story about the hoopla over the yoga program in Encinitas. I can easily clear up attorney Dean Broyles’ confusion and misunderstanding that “yoga poses ... are, at their base, prayers to Hindu deities.”

I’ve taken yoga classes for years, and a prayer has never been said, a belief system never espoused. Yoga is a practice, not a religion. Namaste.

Penny Peyser
Woodland Hills

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