Letters: Cellphone fines and safety

Re “Fines would rise for phone misuse,” Aug. 29

In addition to raising the fines for using cellphones while driving, it should be mandatory for all who are cited to see photos of actual accidents that were caused by drivers who were using cellphones. As a former casualty adjuster I can verify that seeing the results of distracted driving have the intended response.

I never use a cellphone while driving. It’s too scary to think I could be responsible for such loss.


Susan Little


The Times’ article on fines for cellphone violations was incomplete, since it failed to note that every fine in California is increased by mandatory assessments.

While state Sen. Joe Simitian’s (D-Palo Alto) bill would increase the base fine from $20 to $30, the actual total increase will be from $160 to $200. The base fine increase for a second violation from $50 to

$60 actually results in a change from $280 to about $370.

John Hamilton Scott

Sherman Oaks


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