Letters: Pension perspective

Re “Council backs pension cuts for new workers,” Sept. 26

According to approved 2012 salaries for city of Los Angeles employees, the mayor’s office has more than 35 employees making six figures; the city administrator’s office has more than 60; and the city clerk’s office has more than 20, as does the city employees retirement system’s office. Other departments have dozens of employees making more than six figures. City Council members earn about $180,000 annually. Not including those in public safety or technical professions, hundreds of pencil pushers in L.A. city government make six figures.

I am not quite sure how these bureaucrats can go to sleep at night raking in this kind of money, knowing that for an equivalent 40-hour workweek, their colleagues performing custodial work for the Public Works Department make just over $37,000 annually.

Before attacking pensions, perhaps administrative and City Council salaries need to be scaled down, commensurate with those who are truly providing public services.


Vasant Sharma

Los Angeles


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