Letters: Level the Oscar playing field

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Re “Hits with film fans are often misses with the staid academy,” Feb. 22

Boycott the Oscars.

Just because a movie is popular should not disqualify its nomination in any category.

Non-historical-themed movies should also have a fair chance at nomination as well as historical movies.

While the premise of a sleeper hit is nice, sometimes a movie gets the viewership it deserves in time.


Boycott the Oscars until the academy determines that a movie’s popularity will no longer disqualify it from nomination in any Oscar category, and the academy keeps to this decision in the future.

There is no reason to watch the Oscars when a movie does not stand on its own merits as a story.

Ryan Riegel
South Pasadena

This year, I’ve been fortunate to view most current movies of interest to me, but there are still a few I’m looking forward to catching up with, and “Skyfall” is one of them. Surely I can’t be the only one who didn’t appreciate your critic spilling the beans about a major plot point.

All she had to do was preface her giveaway by preceding it with the now-common phrase “spoiler alert” if she truly felt that this item was necessary to write her article about the Oscars.

Preston Neal Jones

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