Letters: Batkid saves the day -- and us

Re "Fighting 'criminals' and stealing hearts," Nov. 16

Just when you thought things couldn't get much worse and the whole world's gone mad, along comes Batkid to save the day, and us.

The purity, innocence and unity that came out of this day made wonderful for 5-year-old cancer survivor Miles Scott by generous and loving people show us that we have not lost the link that binds us as human beings: our open heart.

This story made me cry with joy not only for Miles but for ourselves.

Ana Maria Geraldino

Sherman Oaks

I have rarely read an article that brought so many tears to my eyes.

Thank you for sharing the story of Miles and how the Make-A-Wish Foundation helped transform San Francisco into Gotham City, where Batkid successfully fought crime and protected its citizens.

The part that brought me to tears was the manner in which the entire city, including officials, joined in to grant Miles his fondest wish.

San Francisco is often maligned for the liberal views of its residents and leaders and its seemingly outside-the-box policies. But in this instance, all of those who contributed to fulfilling the dream of Batkid made us very proud of their humanity and their fine city.

Stu Bernstein

Santa Monica


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