Letters to the Editor: He voted for Villanueva. ‘I have never been this sorry for a vote I’ve cast’

Sheriff Alex Villanueva holds up one hand during a news conference.
Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva speaks during a news conference on Feb. 23.
(Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Despite warnings from members of my family, I am one of those political progressives who enthusiastically voted for Alex Villanueva for Los Angeles County sheriff in 2018 because of his promise to establish a “truth and reconciliation” panel for those previously harmed by deputies. (“The Villanueva saga just gets odder and more destructive,” editorial, April 1)

For the last three-plus years, I have watched as Villanueva has consistently failed to live up to that promise. From re-hiring deputies fired for cause, to turning a blind eye to outrageous deputy behavior, to his petulant behavior toward journalists, we have enough reasons to give him the boot.

In my 50 years of voting, I have never been this sorry for a vote I’ve cast.

Ken Wilson, Valley Village



To the editor: Thank you for the excellent piece about The Times Editorial Board’s meeting with the sheriff. Interestingly, the board’s experience with Villanueva seemed of the same nature and content as described by Gustavo Arellano in his earlier columns.

It really seems that Villanueva is channeling former President Trump. And he is hugely successful in that regard.

Phrases like “we have it from two very credible sources” and “you need to start doing your own homework” are classic Trumpisms. Coupled with the outrageous suggestion that L.A. County Inspector General Max Huntsman is a Holocaust denier, how could Villanueva be any more Trump-like?

Goofy as the board’s meeting with Villanueva was, your reporting of it was essential. Please keep telling the truth when things like this arise. As you concluded at the end, “he is dishonorable and undeserving — of being sheriff or even of wearing a law enforcement uniform.”

Loren Mark, Eagle Rock


To the editor: I don’t agree with Arellano all the time, but his recent pieces on Villanueva were fair and thoughtful. But instead of attacking Arellano’s pieces, Villanueva campaign manager Javier Gonzalez personally attacked him, calling him “taco guy.”


I guess thinking critically and being respectful is hard. Like many other labor leaders in Los Angeles, Gonzalez sold out.

Gonzalez sold Villanueva to Latinos in 2018. He is at it again, running the Villanueva campaign and painting him as progressive.

He is telling people that Villanueva is being targeted because he is Latino. Never mind that Villanueva reads his pronouncements on Fox News frequently, or that he is ruthlessly targeting homeless people and his department is racially profiling Latinos in poor communities.

Gonzalez fooled us once; shame on him. If he fools us again, then shame on us.

Chamba Sanchez, Los Angeles


To the editor: It was interesting to read several opinions regarding Arellano’s conversation with Villanueva. Unfortunately, my letter did not make it into the paper at first, but I agree totally with one reader’s opinion that Arellano’s article increased his admiration of the sheriff.

Another reader wishes for more of Arellano’s opinions. Well, to each his own.

Christine Peterson, Woodland Hills