Letters to the Editor: Why billionaires support Trump is only partly because of taxes

Former President Trump leans forward with folded hands.
Former President Trump speaks at a campaign event in Michigan on April 2.
(Paul Sancya / Associated Press)

To the editor: Reporter David Lauter misses the point of why billionaires have “moved” into supporting Donald Trump for president. He narrowly focuses on their fear of higher taxes.

In fact, the wealthy who support the former president do so for many reasons only indirectly related to taxes.

Primarily, they — like Trump — desire to rebuild an economy in service of the working class, allowing those in it to afford life in this country, to own homes, to provide for medical care and to save for retirement. The billionaires know they will prosper far more from these changes than merely avoiding taxes.


The Times seems interested in telling only the part of the story that will divide the American people and portray the very wealthy as evil.

Kip Dellinger, Santa Monica


To the editor: It’s sad we live in a society where billionaires feel their taxes are the determining factor in choosing whom to support for president. Even if their taxes went up under President Biden, they’re still extremely wealthy. How much money do they really think they need?

Actually, it’s much more than sad. It’s a shame.

Fortunately, not all billionaires feel the same way. Some realize that they became wealthy in our society and need to give something back to maintain the world that enabled them to be financially successful but morally bankrupt.

Domenico Maceri, San Luis Obispo


To the editor: It is truly a sign of depravity when billionaires would throw in with Trump so they don’t have to pay more in taxes. Maybe some of them would do well under a dictator, but they all should look at Russia to see what happens when you lose favor with the autocrat.


We should all pay taxes, because without taxes who would pay for highways, schools, disaster relief and much more? When misfortune happens, we all went the government to help.

Billionaires should stop complaining about taxes and be glad they live in a democracy that enables them to acquire such massive wealth.

Linda Shabsin, Diamond Bar