Readers React: ‘Ahwahnee’ to ‘Majestic’ and other absurd name changes in Yosemite

To the editor: How ridiculous is it that the outgoing concessions operator Delaware North company believes it owns the historic names of places inside Yosemite National Park. The Ahwahnee Hotel, Curry Village, Yosemite Lodge and Wawona Hotel existed long before Delaware North managed concessions. (“Name changes for Ahwahnee Hotel and other Yosemite attractions draw outrage,” Jan. 15)

This case should be thrown out of court and the new temporary names discarded. You cannot purchase history and hold it hostage.

Carol Karas, Camarillo


To the editor: Change the name of the Ahwahnee to Majestic? An April Fools joke in January?

Many bizarre happenings are occurring in our strange modern world, but this one takes the cake — and all in the name of the almighty buck, with no concern for the consequences. Unbelievable.


David B. Housh, Glendora


To the editor: Delaware North’s offensive and arrogant attempt to claim such iconic names as “Ahwahnee” and “Curry Village” as its intellectual property will only cost the company whatever goodwill it had.

However, because each national park concession operator is a monopoly, Delaware North apparently doesn’t care about goodwill.

Thomas Bliss, Sherman Oaks

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